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FOCUS ON THE FUTURE - SkyNews Magazine – May/June 2020

Baby Bubble: Rosanne Middleton-Hanley said her “Baby Nebula” came to her after seeing Oleg Bouevitch’s image of the Bubble Nebula in the November/December 2019 issue of SkyNews.

An contemporary artist/graphic designer who has been painting seriously for over 13 years. Middleton-Hanley noted the original image required 40 hours of exposure. “And it took me at least 40 hours to paint it,” she said. Rosanne works as an art teacher of her art school in Uxbridge & Prince Edward County.

Baby Bubble: Featured in SkyNews - Magazine of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Where Earth Meets Sky. Focus on the Future. SkyNews is 25. Celebrate with us in this special May/June 2020 Edition.

Canada’s New Women Entrepreneurs – FLARE Magazine 1986

Rosanne Middleton was one of 5 female entrepreneurs featured in the March 1986 issue of FLARE. The article – WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS Getting down to Business by Dianne Rinehart, features Rosanne’s story – One Brief Case – The day Rosanne Middleton decided to launch her own company, she took two major steps. First the then 23-year-old graphic designer quit her $200 a week job with a small Toronto advertising agency with the conviction, “If I can do this much work for someone else, there’s no reason I can’t do it for myself.” Next she drove to New York City to search for the perfect leather briefcase. The significance? To the now 30-year-old Middleton, it symbolized her childhood ambition “to be my own boss”.

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Benmiller Art Project - 1973

Rosanne Middleton was one of a team of nine Huron County secondary school students and graduates who completed a 10-week study of the history of Colbourne Township hamlet of Benmiller led by J.W. McLaren, artist and historian of Benmiller. Costs of the project and student salaries were underwritten by an Opportunities For Youth Grant.

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