Learn to draw. Join the best little art school in Uxbridge and start your creative future.

Open Life Drawing/Painting Art Classes

Art Takes Time and Patience

Deciding to take an art class can be frightening. Many young aspiring artists have been stopped in their tracks by negative off-hand remarks made by parents, friends, teachers and other insensitive people. I can't draw is what I hear most often. I can't sing is what I say because I had a bad experience as young child. That moment is etched in your brain. 

New positive experiences will change the pattern. Take the chance try figure drawing and join my art classes in Uxbridge and PEC. I often say if you can't take risks with your art where can you take risks?

Join my art classes and you will learn to trust your creative voice. There are basic art skills like life drawing in Uxbridge and PEC to master but only if you feel inspired to learn them. 

Fluid Acrylics and Watercolours are the foundation of my watermedia painting classes – We will work from several sources, develop a simplified plan and form individual visions. Whatever feels good. 

Working large and working loose will help free those creative juices. Walk on the wild side and join art classes in Uxbridge and PEC.

Learn and Have Fun

I can draw. I can paint. I can create. YES I CAN.